The tech industry practices evolve fast, and enterprises must stay on top of trends. BNP Paribas wanted to bring the state of the art in software engineering to its coworkers who haven't been active for a while. A fast upgrade of their Web Services methodologies was needed to achieve their business goals.

BNP Paribas

Target Groups

IT experts of BNP ITG, running the bank digital infrastructure, networks, databases and corporate systems


Through 5 days of virtual live classes, participants joined Le Wagon to accelerate their existing skills and turn into "API builders". This specialist program aims at upskilling engineers with the best practices in creating RESTFul APIs, using all DevOps best practices, using either Python or Java.

BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas


  • 15 engineers are now actively building APIs at the bank
  • New sessions with additional 70 participants are scheduled for 2021
  • Specialists are given new mindsets in software engineering, moving away from a monolithic SAP stack to agile web services
Hong Vu N.
Hong Vu N. Oracle expert at BNP Paribas
In 5 days, huge amount of information giving me a good overview of how things work. Personal motivation is a key success factor!
Chaymae K.
Chaymae K. Project Manager at BNP Paribas
Very useful! APIs and Python are in all incoming projects at BNP Paribas :)
Judy A. F.
Judy A. F. Big Data engineer at BNP Paribas
This training program covers foundations, best practices and the right mindset to build software in Python. After these 5 days with Le Wagon, I feel that I am autonomous to use Python. I just have to revisit the course exercises to go on and continue to upskill myself.
Ludovic A.
Ludovic A. Developer at BNP Paribas
Many topics covered, way beyond just Python. Software specialists walk away with habits transformed.

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