Leaders must start by aligning internal stakeholders when defining a strategic plan for multiple years, involving high investments for risk-taking solutions. That's why Decathlon's Solutions & Technology division wanted to set a series of meetings: they were meant to spark discussions, discover needs and create consensus. Bringing teams from finance, supply, industrial production, and executive offices together is a challenge in itself, but most importantly, defining a common language - or digital literacy - for them to exchange ideas was surely a necessity.


Target Groups

This program was attended by 20 representatives from various bodies of the organisation.


In the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Le Wagon for Business inspired Decathlon via thought leaders, sharing during online sessions

  • A series of private workshops for literacy and inspiration
  • Several topics addressed: Platform architecture, UX, and Data cultures
  • Bespoke curation and animation
  • Actionable takeaways:
  1. Why do you want to become data-driven?
  2. What are the common crimes against data?
  3. What is a data-driven culture?
  4. How to start the change?


52% of the participants declared they want to "rethink the way [their] department operates" and "be part of a task force to change [their] entire company culture"

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