Decathlon Solutions & Technology division in Greater China - newly set up to accelerate in digital transformation - is pushing the organization at innovating in many directions. However, a strong partnership with the business units is required to centralize all past digital applications while developing new channels. Decathlon S&T had to develop a stronger bond with functional experts keen to liaise on projects. In order to reduce work frictions, they also needed to introduce the major components of applications development, with core programming skills.


Target Groups

Digital-savvy coworkers from all departments could apply with sponsorship from their direct management. Over 30 candidates asked their line management for enrolment in the first cohort. Talents ranged from Supply Chain to Retail, Purchase and Marketing.


  • Le Wagon was appointed to launch a "Coding Academy" in partnership with Decathlon S&T, supported by HR, and sponsored by the COO. A bottom-up approach to digital transformation!
  • Le Wagon and Decathlon selected 8 talents through a rigorous application process reviewing motivations, English-speaking level and technical abilities. They were immersed in a 9-week intensive programming course in Shanghai, learning how to develop and deploy full-stack applications.
  • Sponsored participants flew from Taiwan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou to attend the course mixed with other trainees from diverse backgrounds.
  • Decathlon S&T teams got involved in the course curriculum, hosting sharing sessions regarding their best practices and challenges. Demo Day was also sponsored with a special talk from Decathlon C-Level, sharing with the Le Wagon ecosystem about the ongoing digital transformation and new job opportunities.


  • Managers observed an extremely positive change in skills: graduates improved on confidence, leadership, and cross-functional project management skills.
  • Graduates were empowered with a “can do anything” spirit thanks to this training program
  • 100% course completion rate
  • 1 customer-facing application designed and developed through the bootcamp, later was released to the market
  • Through this initiative, a network of digital champions was created internally, tasked to liaise with the S&T team and communicate needs from their divisions
  • 1 full job transition from the marketing team to S&T division was reported afterwards
  • Decathlon pushed its employer branding in the Tech space, effectively showcasing all its job opportunities
Ada Q.
Ada Q. Application Analyst at Decathlon
Le Wagon helped a lot in my career, without this program I couldn't be delivering all my projects. I keep improving my technical skills and learning some new languages or frameworks on the side.
Boris F.
Boris F. Logistics Process Manager at Decathlon
I carried on with my job as a transport manager in Decathlon but facilitated some new projects: last year I initiated a BI program - like a dashboard that analyses data and presents actionable information to help users make better-informed decisions. Now I've promoted this program to the whole country and there are already quite a number of users in logistics and production in my organisation.

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