What if the Energy traders at Engie GEM could remove manual tasks from day to day, save time for added-value tasks, all thanks to code? In 2017 "Let's Code" was initiated internally by coworkers to test this hypothesis: a self-managed program over lunch time focusing on learning Python.

Through this first attempt, data-skilled employees were able to get more engaged in their work, and gain performance at their job. At some point, this program reached limits due to its structure. Engie came looking for a more radical, more professional approach to curriculum design and program management.


Target Groups

Handpicked groups of the staff at GEM (Global Energy Management), including but not limited to traders, back-office staff, legal staff, and top-level management. No limit is set internally.


Le Wagon designed a bespoke training program meant for Excel power users to upskill fast: participants learn Python in order to analyse substantial data sets and complete automation in their business tasks.

  • Candidates must apply, get approved by their manager, to receive an invitation.
  • A first-come, first serve policy is applied.
  • Sessions have been held on-site or virtually for coworkers in Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Ankara, London


  • 10 batches organized from 2019 to 2020,
  • Average 16 trainees per group,
  • Valuable competencies,
  • More productivity: trainees estimated they saved 1.5 hour per day on repetitive tasks!
Alice R.
Alice R. Innovation and Sustainability Officer at Engie
We have witnessed a strong increase in the number of requests for our training on Python with Le Wagon. With this program, not only do we give more autonomy to our colleagues thanks to a better understanding of the tools and tasks, but it also improves communications and workflows within and between teams.
Razvan D.
Razvan D. Intrapreneur & Program leader at Engie
We did get more automation of processes and the way people communicate with the IT team improved. We also did unleash some creativity. Some employees created their own weather forecasting models, risk models or improved financial reporting. It created more of a culture of entrepreneurship.

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