IKEA aims at creating more data-driven digital products in the Customer Experience Domain. This includes, among other things, all machine learning features on and in the IKEA App, as well as their increasing ability to personalize campaigns across digital marketing channels.

That's why was established the Data & Analytics function; a function that today consists of 100+ leaders and individual contributors and is still growing at rapid speed!

In 2019, Learning and Development Group Digital saw many internal talents with a high interest in data, and promising careers paths for them.


Target Groups

Business Analysts (Risk, Store Logistics, Sourcing...) willing to turn Data Analysts and join the newly established Data & Analytics function.


Le Wagon together with INKA designed the 1st ever IKEA Advanced Analytics Academy (IKEA 3xA) with the aim of going from 0-100: developing and deploying data products on GCP.

By re-skilling 20 of the most promising and loyal co-workers in Malmö (Sweden), they could be placed them in the new Data & Analytics function in a matter of a few weeks.



  • 20 coworkers reskilled to Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists,
  • 100% completion rate and placement rate
  • 5 data models (beta phase) delivered throughout the course
    • e.g assess risk of staff resignation and alert management using employee satisfaction reviews
    • e.g use website traffic analysis to predict probability of buying a product
Emil S. J.
Emil S. J. Ph.D., Director of Product Analytics at IKEA
The Advanced Analytics Academy is an ambitious program to introduce data science using SQL & Python. It is an amazing opportunity provided by INGKA group, way beyond the (by now) traditional e-learning type of up-skilling available via e.g. Coursera and/or Pluralsight.

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