Created in Lloyds Banking Group’s Transformation division, the Women ConnecTech network is here to support female coworkers through their careers in STEM. Can they inspire those who have never thought about it yet?

Lloyds Banking Group

Target Groups

50 female talents from Lloyds Banking Group, all with business backgrounds, and heavy interest in the ever growing FinTech trend.


In March 2020, a "Women in Tech" celebration was hosted at Lloyds in London. An exciting day of activities was planned for this purpose:

  • Welcoming senior executives for inspirational talks in the morning
  • Training on programming foundations during the day: participants learned the basics of building a web application, from scratch! Later they were open an online learning track to keep on the momentum
  • More animations in the evening
Lloyds Banking Group
Lloyds Banking Group


  • 10 business landing pages developed then presented internally
  • 50 business women empowered with new skills, new ways of seeing the tech world

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