Total has been engaged for years in a digital transformation. Even with an established team of data scientists, Group Total found many of its technical talents had to make prediction models using AI at their own level. They should all make use independently of core Machine Learning and Deep Learning skills. Between 800 to 5000 coworkers are impacted by this trend.


Target Groups

All technical populations, scientific or engineering profiles are invited to attend upon selection. They belong to different branches of the group: Exploration & Production, Refining & Chemical, Marketing & Services...


In partnership with Total, Le Wagon created bespoke upskilling programs with strong focus on practice. 2 bootcamps have been launched:

  • Level 1: 5-day Machine Learning course
  • Level 2 (about 60% of previous level are selected): 5-day Deep Learning course

Programs have been designed to replicate geographically and train up to 200 participants per year.



  • On-site and remote, in 2020 up to 30 engineers were trained in Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning
  • 10 more sessions scheduled for 2021!

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