Groupe Renault is working on four major areas of innovations: electric, connected and autonomous vehicles, as well as new services. Auto manufacturers can no longer expect to possess all the skills and expertise they need to design and develop the vehicles of the future, given that the skills involved are cutting-edge and constantly evolving.

The Renault Technocentre, Europe's largest center for research & development in automotive, welcomes 10,000 engineers create the future of mobility.

Renault Group

Groupes cibles

Automotive engineers, technologists, innovation labs managers, and supporting functions at the Renault Technocentre.


Several times per year, Le Wagon instructors will meet with groups of Groupe Renault in order to learn all the process used by startups to build a modern website. With this initiation, they apply open-source technologies and build a business prototype (webpage) in 1 short day.

Renault Group
Renault Group


  • Many coworkers asked to onboard this initiative, getting awareness of what is the software development process and how websites are built today.
  • Equipped with this knowledge, Renault members will better work with the digital technology division or 3rd party vendors.
  • 100% course completion
Eric C.
Eric C. Connected vehicles expert à Renault Group
I see plenty of opportunities to share internally what we learned here, and improve our processes, tools.

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