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Toward a federated governance of data

🕗 Novembre 2023
📍 Paris

How can we advance towards a distributed and federated model that involves both IT and business fields, while maintaining the autonomy of data domains and fostering cohesion among all participants?

    Wagoner live coding

    Governance in data mesh mode: utopia or achievable reality?

    Our experts and witnesses have shared their best practices for creating a data mesh model that encourages autonomy in data domains and cohesion among all. With the kind participation of:

    Chafika Chettaoui
    Chafika Chettaoui
    Chief Data Officer, Axa
    Mehdi Benabderrazik
    Mehdi Benabderrazik
    Data Governance Lead, Technip
    Siddhartha Chatterjee
    Siddhartha Chatterjee
    Chief Data Officer, Club Med
    Anthony Asso
    Anthony Asso
    Manager de transition Data

    The outlines of a new decentralized governance

    Our 4 CDOs have outlined a new form of governance or governed decentralization, granting greater autonomy to business lines, but with accompanying responsibilities.

    👉 Discover their insights, access the video replay. 

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