Accelerate the use of Data & AI by unleashing your people's power

Novartis aims to become the most focused, innovative medicines company through "Transforming for Growth" restructuring.

To help your teams thrive in your new data-driven ecosystem, develop their Data & AI skills with our high-impact training programs :
  • short & intense,
  • contextualizable to Novartis business and technical issues,
  • replicable at global scale.

Current Data challenges identified at Novartis

#1. Leverage your 30+
Petabytes of Data

You are not (yet) leveraging this resource to improve productivity and spur innovation.

#2. Scale the use of Data science

You are struggling to integrate and execute R&D programs for drug discovery and development process

#3. Talent management

You are failing to attract, retain and motivate top Data talents in key roles & markets

A solution ?

Develop the data skills of Novartis employees to enable them to leverage your assets, achieve your team objectives, and succeed within your company.

Why choose Le Wagon to develop your team's Data skills?

Cutting-edge content contextualized to Novartis challenges

Content iterated continuously by our participants and professors, adapted to your own environment to better meet your specific needs.

A bootcamp format, complementary to LinkedIn & Coursera training, for maximum motivation and efficiency

Our format is 100% synchronous, real-time driven and conducted by our expert teachers. Employees will have an 80% supervised practice experience, working on their own Data and use cases.

Flexibility and global coverage

Standardized programs, both in-person and remote, that can be replicated across our 50 campuses in 25 countries, covering all Novartis locations.

Le Wagon, a comprehensive solution to meet all your Data training needs

Our modular offer is designed as a set of dynamic educational products that evolve according to our clients and the pharmaceutical sector.

Assess the Data maturity of your teams

A global understanding of your tech & data needs

Customized calibration of cohorts

Proposals of customized paths based on profiles


Then get them on board with the right Data training


1-day training courses to improve your employees' understanding and mastery of Data with concrete applications to the pharmaceutical sector. 

Exemples :

  • Python for all
  • Data for Managers
  • Data & AI fundamentals


The development in 2 to 5 days of actionable Data skills for both business and technical teams.

Exemples :

  • Data Stewardship
  • Machine & Deep Learning
  • Business Intelligence


Complete Data training programs customized to the needs and learning pace of your employees.


  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst

The Wagon trains leaders in the pharma and industrial fields in Data

Sanofi Headquarters France

Sanofi utilizes its Data to make informed decisions.

The pharmaceutical group is investing in its business teams to help them make better decisions and improve day-to-day collaboration. How do they do this? By leveraging business intelligence technologies.

Pierre Fabre uses Data to gain an edge.

The Group made the strategic decision to train its R&D, ops, sales, and marketing teams to use its data more effectively with Le Wagon. The objective? Better decisions, faster launches and smoother collaboration.

SLB Headquarters

SLB develops a Data science accelerator program.

SLB and Le Wagon launched a unique 6 week Data Science Accelerator Program to provide domain experts with strategic data science skills and generate high-value business outcomes.

Already 20,000 satisfied learners worldwide,
and 400+ in the pharmaceutical industry.
More to come soon with Novartis ?


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Marie Vidalinc

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Marie, as a Tech & Data training expert, has played a key role in the creation of Data academies for major pharmaceutical and energy companies.

Based in Lausanne, Marie notably supports the Sanofi & Pierre Fabre teams in defining their strategic plan to enhance the skills of their Business Analyst team.

Book a slot directly in her calendar for a productive first discussion on your needs and goals!

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