Advertising in the age of AI,  finding the right balance between creativity and technology

Mercedes Erra, the visionary Founder of BETC discussed alongside Olivier Vigneaux, the CEO of BETC Fullsix, the evolution of the world of advertising in the era of Artificial Intelligence. Learn how the duo are redefining advertising by using innovative strategies to supplement their creativity, allowing them to implement bold modern campaigns.

You'll gain an overview of Google's  helpful generative AI collaborator to help move your ideas forward and boost your productivity, Bard.
Mercedes Erra
Founder & President,
BETC Group
delve into how AI strategically aids L'Oréal in reaching its goals.
Olivier Vigneaux
CEO, Fullsix

Interested in the key takeaways from the discussion?

Gen AI’s increasing prevalence in marketing demands that advertisers become deeply educated on the tool’s potential impact on the creative world.

Read about the unique dynamics of AI in the advertising world further in our upcoming executive summary, featuring key insights from industry titans Mercedes Erra and Olivier Vigneaux.

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