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Formidable instructors bring the highest engagement and completion rates to continuous education. Virtual, onsite, hybrid or blended learning? for us, there's no silver bullet.

To ensure ambitions are matched and new skills are effectively acquired, we deploy an experienced pedagogical crew in a structured agenda, based on excellent curricula available globally.

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Le Wagon for Business transforms the training industry thanks to a full suite of proprietary solutions. We've developed for our trainees, our instructors and all your stakeholders, the best environment to stay in sync.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) for managing your pipeline of trainees; a learning platform packed with exciting material; a comprehensive performance and outcomes tracking dashboard; A full roadmap on capstone projects... It's all baked in. Nothing comparable!

Your digital transformation starts now.
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We bring cutting-edge skills through instructor-led training courses.

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Inspire your workforce

Nothing beats a good story to drive change! That's why we love to bring external insights to your management. Setup speaking engagements and raise awareness on important tech matters: agility, diversity, sustainability, ethics...

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Assess technical competencies

Setting up a successful learning path often requires a smart selection of motivated learners! We survey interest, test current competencies, and prescribe the right way forward: preparation work, pilot course, learning paths, coaching etc.

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Build digital foundations

Let's face it: for your business units, working with tech specialists is hard. That's where having essential proficiencies and some lingo makes a huge difference!

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Upskill to emerging technologies

Capitalise on new technologies by upskilling your talents fast. Setup skills acceleration bootcamps, contextualized to your business.

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Reskill & Hire

Move the needle substantially. Shake your organization with immersive learning programs, tailored for your own coworkers or meant to source a more diverse workforce fast.

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Madeline A.B.
Madeline A.B. Marketing at Richemont
Very rewarding training. Good balance between theory and application. Gives a better understanding of applications development, its many challenges and infinite possibilities. Helps unlock future ideas from a business point of view.
Emil S. J.
Emil S. J. Ph.D., Director of Product Analytics at IKEA
The Advanced Analytics Academy is an ambitious program to introduce data science using SQL & Python. It is an amazing opportunity provided by INGKA group, way beyond the (by now) traditional e-learning type of up-skilling available via e.g. Coursera and/or Pluralsight.
Manon G.
Manon G. e-Commerce, MAKE UP FOR EVER at LVMH
Being e-commerce manager, I'm constantly working on our website without always knowing what's hiding behind it. I tend to be really curious about code & documented myself in order to understand / be able to read & modify a few things without having to ask our devs for minimal changes. The training made many things clearer + it gave us tips, tricks and tools to use on a daily basis.
Razvan D.
Razvan D. Intrapreneur & Program leader at Engie
We did get more automation of processes and the way people communicate with the IT team improved. We also did unleash some creativity. Some employees created their own weather forecasting models, risk models or improved financial reporting. It created more of a culture of entrepreneurship.
Jimmy S.
Jimmy S. Project Manager feature team at Société Générale
Very intense but I didn't expect less. It is a very good experience, with a great crew of instructors. It's worth doing it. The team's availability and service level set the bar very high.
Pius S.H.
Pius S.H. General Manager & China Country Lead at Sanofi
It’s all about innovation and a fundamental new way of working. A lot of unlearning of old habits, and embracing a new culture. We had never achieved a project done in just three days of intense work! We are looking forward to seeing these products up and running in a couple of months.
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