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Data engineers, improve your pipelines

Learn how to select the best architecture for you job (ETL, ELT, ...) and implement the latest data stack powering most modern companies.

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Apache Beam


DevOps, scale your workload effectively

Learn how to scale your micro-services on the cloud and respond faster to market changes with managed cloud solutions.



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Developers, deliver the best UX

Create richer, more interactive applications for your users by writing your web pages and exploring tools like Webpack and Node.js.





Société Générale x Le Wagon for Business

“I work on IT infrastructures, far from dev. The training allows me to better understand the jobs of my end customers - dev teams who come to consume infrastructure.”


Head of traditional storage infrastructures - Société Générale

Société Générale x Le Wagon for Business

“Very intense but I expected no less! It is a very good experience with a top teaching team that deserves to be experienced. The availability and sense of service of the whole team is to be taken as an example."


Project Manager feature team - Société Générale

How Total encourages innovation by harnessing AI.

Total's tech teams have developed their AI expertise and learned to build accurate and reliable models. Thanks to their new skills, they are making faster and more impactful business decisions.


Trainings designed by tech experts.

Sébastien Saunier
Ex Software Engineer, Google
CTO Le Wagon
Bruno Lajoie
Head of Data Science,
Le Wagon
Ecole Centrale
Mathieu Ripert
Machine Learning Engineer, Instacart
Columbia University
Igor Koval
Machine Learning Researcher,
Paris Brain Institute
Ecole Polytechnique
Martin Daniel
Ex Data Science Lead, Airbnb
ESCP Europe
Olivier Rousseau
ex-Chief Data Officer
Ecole Polytechnique
Thomas Bouttefort
HEC Paris
Paul Mochkovitch
VP Education
Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
Björn van Dijkman
Machine Learning Engineer
Vantage AI
Pavel Liser
Engineering Manager at Le Wagon - ex Ops manager
Grow HR
Hugo Vandernotte
Data Engineer
Jérémie Blanchard
Data Scientist at Ekwateur
Yannis Bouhamou
DevOps & Machine Learning Engineer at Le Wagon

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