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Data is strategic for businesses. Make a difference by putting it at the core of training your talent: Integrate our courses into your programs in 2 clicks.

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Prepare your talents for their future responsibilities.

Teach them tech skills with the world's highest-rated bootcamp.

Deliver the tech skills that will make a difference.

Turn your students into tech, data, and machine learning experts with the world's best bootcamp methodology. Prepare them to become “data and project” ready leaders, qualified to work with data analysts and data engineers.

Integrate our courses with ease.

Reinforce tech skills learning with our 100% online courses. Our instructors onboard and assess your talent and we manage the deployment of our learning platform.

Make Data an opportunity for your students.

Give your students the tools to succeed: As future managers, they must understand the challenges of Big Data to better collaborate and contribute to the competitiveness of their future company.


Managers need new skills to manage, lead, and shape the future of business. This new MBA offers a unique opportunity to develop cross-functional skills and competencies to become an agile changemaker, learn to code and perform in diverse environments.

Ghassan Yacoub

Academic Director

Integrate our courses into your programs with 2 clicks.

Our online courses focus on a practical cohort methodology and our proprietary learning platform is designed to maximize your students' learning. This flexible format allows for quick and easy integration into your programs.

Web Development

Help your talent code their own website in 30 hours.

UX & UI Design

Teach your students how to prototype an app in 30 hours.

Introduction à la Data

Introduce your students to the challenges of Data in 20 hours.

Data Sciences

Introduce your students to the skills and tools of the Data Scientist in 30 hours.

Data Analytics avec Python

Familiarize yourself with the Python language and the daily tasks of a data analyst in 30 hours.

“Le Wagon has been an incredible adventure. Through this experience, I learned a lot about the tech industry with the most qualified teachers and staff, a very large network of alumni and resources that are extremely useful when you start in tech. "

Hatem Cherouat, Engineering
consulting, Software specialist.
Now Project Manager
Renault Group

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