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Ensure fast and reliable software delivery with Data Engineering & DevOps best practices.

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Enable collaboration between
Data Engineering and DevOps.

Deliver faster.

Ensure fast, reliable software delivery by automating and reducing downtime for a better user experience.

Create scalable, reliable models.

Work with and manage large amounts of data more efficiently by automating data processing, storage, and retrieval. Get reliable information for better decisions.

Improve cross-functional collaboration.

Break down silos between your developer and ops teams to optimize processes and reduce error margins: Become more efficient at delivering software for more value.


Trainings designed by tech experts.

Sébastien Saunier
Ex Software Engineer, Google
CTO Le Wagon
Bruno Lajoie
Head of Data Science,
Le Wagon
Ecole Centrale
Mathieu Ripert
Machine Learning Engineer, Instacart
Columbia University
Igor Koval
Machine Learning Researcher,
Paris Brain Institute
Ecole Polytechnique
Martin Daniel
Ex Data Science Lead, Airbnb
ESCP Europe
Olivier Rousseau
ex-Chief Data Officer
Ecole Polytechnique
Thomas Bouttefort
HEC Paris
Paul Mochkovitch
VP Education
Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
Björn van Dijkman
Machine Learning Engineer
Vantage AI
Pavel Liser
Engineering Manager at Le Wagon - ex Ops manager
Grow HR
Hugo Vandernotte
Data Engineer
Jérémie Blanchard
Data Scientist at Ekwateur
Yannis Bouhamou
DevOps & Machine Learning Engineer at Le Wagon

Engie x Le Wagon for Business

“Learning to code is like learning English—it's an essential common skill to have.”

Razvan Dordea

Intrapreneur - Engie

Pierre Fabre x Le Wagon for Business

“A training course that should be a must in the company, given the importance of data subjects.”

Laura Roubellat

Management Controller - Pierre Fabre

Société Générale x Le Wagon for Business

“I work on IT infrastructures, far from dev, the training allows me to better understand the professions of my end customers - dev teams who come to consume infrastructure.”


Head of traditional storage infrastructures - Société Générale

Michelin x Le Wagon for Business

"Datascience, AI, Computer Vision etc. These technologies are widely used in my field of activity, but who really knows what they cover, how they work? This training allows you to understand the fundamentals and challenges of data applied to business.”

Grégoire Heugel

COO Michelin Connected Mobility

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Certification Qualiopi

Frequently questions

Do you make sure that the participants' level is homogeneous and that they are motivated beforehand?

In order to optimize the experience of each participant, candidates take a technical evaluation before the program. In order to ensure that the group is homogeneous, we require candidates who need it to undergo a refresher course. We also take care to balance the ratio of men to women, the age distribution and the origins of the people in order to ensure maximum diversity and a good chemistry of the group.

Is it possible to do a test before launching a large-scale program?

Yes, it is possible to do a test before launching a large-scale program. We run a pilot with a group of 10 to 20 participants and then iterate on the content in order to adapt the program as closely as possible to the expectations of the partner company.

Can the training be conducted on a campus or in a company?

Yes, we have 45 campuses around the world and we can also run the bootcamp at your location. Or online and live if your teams are in multiple cities.

Is the training suitable for individuals with disabilities?

The training can be adapted to your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your situation by writing to

Do you offer reporting and performance monitoring?

We aim for a 100% completion rate in our bootcamps and understand that achieving the best outcomes is of utmost importance. Throughout the course, our experts and authorized staff can monitor learners' progress in real-time on their exercises and projects.

Where can I find the Wagon's Qualiopi certification?

You can download our Qualiopi certification here.

How and when to apply for a training program?

After contacting us or requesting a quote through our website, we will discuss with you to organize the training on your desired dates. Please allow a minimum of 5 days between the initial contact and the first day of the training.

What are the prerequisites for the training?

No prerequisites are necessary for our training programs. We tailor them to the skill levels of your team members.

What is the duration of the training?

The duration of our training programs is flexible to meet your needs and requirements. We will advise you on the necessary duration based on the objectives set together in advance. These can range from a few days to several months.

What are the training fees?

Our fees vary depending on the duration, the number of participants, and the subject of the training. Feel free to contact us to request a quote.

Need more informations?

Understand the objective of the training.

Get the detailed program according to the needs of my teams.

Discover our pedagogy.

Choose the #1 bootcamp for your teams.