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Future-proof your business through Technology

Our tech courses will help you up your game on emerging jobs and modern practices.

8h to 40h capability acceleration programs for Engineers, Team leaders, Digital experts.


Protect your applications and architecture from security risks: use secure coding best practices to defend from the most critical hacks.

For who? Software engineers
Which skills?
SQL injection

DevOps with Docker

Manage your fullstack applications and APIs in production with the best-in-class toolkit: from versioning to TDD, CI and containerization.

For who? Engineers, IT, R&D
Which skills?

Agile Product Owner

A project-based digital delivery experience to learn user research, prototyping, analytics, and the best-in-class agile methods.

For who? Business units
Which skills?
Do you have a bespoke request? We can design or contextualise courses to match your goals.

200h-400h immersive learning programs to hire or reskill diverse tech talents.

Software Engineering course

Learn to build robust and user-friendly app that answers your users’ needs, follow the right workflow to collaborate with developers, designers and product managers.

For who? All employees
Which skills?
Scripting languages

Bespoke Digital Academy

We cherry-pick learning blocks, contextualize programs, and meet business goals, creating a unique learning experience for your coworkers or new hires.

For who? Business needs
Which skills?
Custom toolkit
Do you have a bespoke request? We can design or contextualise courses to match your goals.
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Why learning tech skills with Le Wagon for Business?

Modern tech skills to ship scalable applications efficiently

Pay attention to your digital champions, your former project managers, and all your in-house engineers as they wish to help drive your technology strategy. They usually look forward to:


Do you want to train your teams in Software Development and Cybersecurity?

Your digital transformation starts now.
Why it matters

2/3 of technologists are now being asked to perform tasks and activities they have never done before.

Research from Cisco finds that technologists are experiencing pressures from all sides, accelerating digital transformation projects, mobilizing huge sections of the workforce to operate from home, while at the same time needing to manage their network and maintain security throughout the technology stack.

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Why Le Wagon for Business

We build competencies at scale thanks to proprietary learning technology

Your digital transformation starts now.

A unique Learning Management System

We are serious about education! That’s why we’ve developed the best platform we could imagine for our trainees and instructors to use. Read what users say

Your digital transformation starts now.

Skills assessment experience

Through an application process, interviews and skills assessment, we know how to curate the right candidates and together with your HR department, create a strong cohort.

Your digital transformation starts now.

Full performance monitoring

We monitor progress to identify trainees who need help the most. Nobody is ever left behind, even fully remote!

Your digital transformation starts now.

Community and Coaching

We build on the momentum and connect past trainees online with fellow alumni. There, they receive a digital certificate, coaching services for personalised application and more learning opportunities.

Your digital transformation starts now.

Increase diversity & inclusion in Tech

We believe that tech can be learned by anyone despite of race, gender, age or social status! Le Wagon for Business will help you break stereotypes and include talents from all sort of backgrounds.

Your digital transformation starts now.

Transform your teams globally

Active in 20+ countries, we are a truly global partner. Our 1000+ instructors are deployed in Americas, Europe, Middle-East & Africa, and Asia Pacific. We adapt to most time zones and languages. Find out how we can collaborate